Ghosts Among Us

The intent of this series is not to highlight the existence of the less fortunate or homeless, but our society's very nature to pretend those without don't exist. No one person can save everyone, but when does our acceptance of such become our excuse for doing nothing more and more. How fast do you make that homeless person in your park disappear even though they're still there? What do you tell yourself as to why this person deserves a hand, but that person does not? Have you seen them or nothing? Do you believe or do you not to sleep easy? They exist. Ghosts walk among us, yet never truly with us. What do we do with these ghosts in a world so haunted? Simple. Stop pretending. Start believing. Do something. Maybe, just maybe, we can bring these ghosts among us back to life. They deserve such. No one is asked to give all to others, but when we can't give a person the simple nod of existence, who are we? Do what you can, but never treat someone  as less than. We’re better than that.

Here you will find a small excerpt from this ongoing series.