To Moments, To Emotions

To Moments, To Emotions strives to capture the purest and rawest parts of ourselves. Parts of us everyone sees, and others maybe not so much. Who we are is a mixture of light and dark that coalesces to bring us into existing then, now and whatever time may bring. Digging to reveal the soul of those in front of my lens. Each participant is asked two basic questions that maybe aren’t asked enough. Questions that bloom, leading us to reflect where we are now and potentially later. Something we seem to do less of as our mark in history lurches forward..

In this uncertain age of information, do we really take in the moments that have transpired without proof through likes or shares? Whether or not we do, I’d like to illuminate those parts of us we don’t maybe expose enough and or take proper pause or pride in. Times that even though we may have experienced ourselves, the feeling still washes over us when we look upon the images of the kind souls who have participated and the many more to come or yet seen.